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Originally Posted by Rugby4life View Post
You must not hang out here much or you would have seen my handicapped license plate in some of my other posts. Jumping to conclusions is not a healthy exercise. As I explained to the DMV worker, all of my bikes have motors so my bad leg and cane don't stop me from riding since I don't have to pedal them. As for my choice of parking space, I position my bike far enough to the rear and away from the car beside me to allow unfettered access. The other reason I use that spot is to free up another full handicapped space for a car driver that needs it. How about climbing off of your high horse and onto your bike. If you're busy riding you don't have time to draw wrong conclusions.
Did he not ask you to ignore the rest of that post if you were indeed handicapped?

Sounds to me like he was defending your right to park there.....
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