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Day 12&13 – Amasra

Amasra is indeed as described by various travelers: charming. It has 2 harbors instead of 1, and 2 small islands; one linked to the shore by a bridge (Büyük Ada, Big Island) and and Tavsan Adasi (Rabbit Island) and of course a Kale.

Church Mosque was built as a Byzantine church in the 9th century AD. The church is a small chapel and after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Amasra in 1460, it was converted to a mosque. The church mosque was closed to prayer in 1930.

Amasra Castle was built during the Roman period. The walls of the castle were built by the Byzantines. The front walls and gates were built by the Genoese in the 14th and 15th centuries. Though located on a narrow peninsula, a tunnel under the castle leads to a fresh water pool.

Went to Amasra Museum which chronicles the city's Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, and Ot-toman history.

In the central square, between the two harbors lies Baris Akarsu Monument dedicated to a Turkish rock musician who died in a car accident at a young age.

The night time is the right time

Next day we went for a trip with a boat around the harbors, and at the end of it took a swim right of the boat. Endless jelly fish, but they do no harm. the captain of the boat was a former military from the navy and had stories to tell. he knew little english but his young nephew did the translation.

A nice place to eat play backgammon, have a tea and smoke

All in all we had two relaxing days on the Black Sea shore and it was great.
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