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Says you

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post

I to have scouted thousands of miles of routes but as said above, by far the easiest way to share with others is with tracks. I have thousands of miles fo tracks posted on

I am currently working on the Great Western Trail from Nogalas AZ up through AZ, UT, corner of WO, then ID to Canada. I have about half of it done and posted.

I am interested in seeing pckopp's tracks when he is through converting a bizilion way points to something usefull to me.

Yo. Is this ringing any bells? I would not try that up here if I were you.

I am completely indifferent on whether our stuff is "usefull" to you or not. The way we do things is not for everyone. If you either lack the ability or are just too indolent to ponder the information on our site, and reflect on exactly what we did and why we did it before proclaiming that it is a "mess," you may go elsewhere. Almost everyone who spends much time on MotorcycleJazz looking through reams and reams of digital info on the Tours of Idaho (T1, T2 and T3) figures everything out pretty quickly. If you can't or won't do this, you should probably not pack your bags and head our way anytime soon. What you proclaim a "mess" is a deliberate presentation that lies atop an enormous effort supported by dozens of volunteers and several government agencies who work with us to keep 1430 miles of the finest adventure trail in the country open from year to year. And all of this, as I mentioned above, is free - a courtesy that you did not extend to one of our contributing editors the last time he emailed you for a track a few years back.

The only words that ought to be rolling off your fingertips after looking over our site are "Thank You."

It looks like I'm going run out of feet to plant here.
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