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Originally Posted by Dork Vader View Post
Has there been much study to see if one can get more fuel in the tank while on the sidestand vs centerstand?

What range are you getting on a tank ? Noted,riding styles/tires/conditions, etc. effect mileage, just looking for approximate no.s Thanks all.
Overfilling the tank can cause problems with the cannister. The small amount you gain isn't worth the risk. Check out the post right after yours about the cannister.

It is impossible to tell what kind of fuel mileage you will get because it all depends on riding style. Rather that ask others just check your own. Check it everytime you ride and compare that to what the computer says. Then you will get a pretty good idea of mileage and how accurate the computer is. Then figure range based on your mileage times 4 gals. Don't count the .2 gals. Use that just in case.

I have found my mileage has varried from a low of 48 to a high of 68 mpg. I usually run in the low 50's for most type of riding.
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