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Originally Posted by DR. Rock View Post
It was finally clear that Blueberry's steering bearings were shitting the bed, and would need some attention.

Moral of the story: Listen to her when she says her steering is feeling notchy! I had tested and turned, ridden, and tried to reproduce what she was feeling no less than a dozen times going back to Alaska -- even Dave Ranson tried to document what she was complaining about. It's not that I didn't doubt what she was saying, but not being able to feel any problem at all myself, I started to think about alternative explanations -- maybe a rock or stick got caught behind the headlight, maybe she was getting tired, maybe she wasn't keeping her elbows out. OK... lesson learned, she knows what feels right and what feels wrong, and if she says her bike feels wrong, even if I can't reproduce it, and even if her description is less than Top Gear or Car Talk - worthy, take it seriously, and bird-dog the problem until it's fixed.
The mystery of the notchy steering solved
Hind sight being what it is, we should have dug deeper when it started happening. I was mystified at the time but it all makes sense now.
Great work team!
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