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Another few days in baja

Day seven: 1-22-13
So its been a few days since my last post, sorry, but it is damn hard to find the time to write when you’ve been riding so much. So after Ensenada we headed out toward San Felipe. Typed it into the GPS and off we went… well it turns out there are like nine San Felipes in Baja alone and we were headed the wrong way. So instead of a short ride across to the Sea of Cortez and a nice day of off road we rode half of baja instead. We figured we would just stop somewhere but there is seriously NOTHING between Ensenada and a little town called Guero Negro. Its just desert. No gas, no food, no nothing. And the road cuts inland so no coast which makes it 110 degrees. There are however some twisties in the beginning,

a bunch of cacti and awesome boulder field,
and did I mention, what I believe to have seen, the human skeleton?! Andy still doesn’t believe me about this one but I’m fairly certain that when I passed by this creek bed I looked over and saw the skeletal remains of what I believed to be a human. (This story takes on a little more credibility in a few days.) I really wish I would have stopped and took a picture but at that point I just wanted to get out of dodge. So we rode and road and rhode until our asses hurt and we were damn near asleep. Pulled into Guero Negro at around six thirty, found a hotel, got a beer, and went to bed.

Day eight: 1-23-13
Last night we decided that we were taking a short ride across baja to the sea of cortez and camping. We were sore and sick of riding. Along the way we stopped in an awesome town called San Ignacio and hung out in the plaza for a few.

Then on our way to the other side ran across some other ADV guys who invited us for lunch. They were really nice people that were unfortunately heading the other direction. We shared some stories and they told us about a nice campground on the beach just ten minutes south. So we parted ways and found our camp. Right when we pulled in we saw exactly where to camp. Two DRZs laid out on the back of an RV like a welcome mat. We sidled up to their camper and set up our tents.

It ended up being two of the nicest Canadian guys who were on their way home from a two month camping-surfing-riding trip. They invited us over for beers, shared some stories, and marked out some good off road stuff between La Paz and Cabo. We drank beer, ate some food and told dirty jokes. (Which I won with the dirtiest) Then off to bed.

Day nine: 1-24-13

I woke up to the sunrise over the Bay of Conception.
We had a plan to ride just a little south to Loredo but also had an open invitation to stay with some friends at a fancy resort in San Jose. So we had the option of a quick ride and a full day in Loredo and maybe missing our friends, or a grueling ass killing ride once again through the desert and the other basically half of Baja. We chose the later of course. There were some really good twisties and beautiful coastline for the first hour of our trip, but then it cut into the desert. We had been told by a buddy that the towns of Constitution and Insurgents were not the nicest places and to fill up in Loredo. But we still had to stop there to get gas. We didn’t have and problems. On our way out of town though we saw something a little disturbing. About ten miles outside of Constitution on the side of the main freeway for everyone to see was a man tied up to a fence post with a bag over his head. We both turned on the intercoms; “did you see that?.. Yeah I saw it… What the fuck? … Lets just keep riding.” Now Andy is pretty shaken up about this and I’m trying to rationalize it in my head. Maybe it was some kind of re-enactment ceremony. Maybe the guy did something really fucked up. We kept riding and didn’t stop until Todos Santos. The guys we stayed with the night before had told us about this place to camp for free right on the beach called San Pedrito. It was a little sketchy to get into as you had to ride down sandy roads through farmers fields for a few miles but ended up being pretty nice for a free place. We set up our gear and went to bed.

Day ten: 1-24-13
Today all the days of pounding pavement paid off. Just sixty miles to San Jose and our welcoming friends. I fucking Stink! Just having a shower is all the luxury I need but being able to park the bikes and not worry about them for two days is priceless. These guys are awesome people and great friends. They are just letting us crash their vacation, and had cold beers waiting for us when we arrived. Down to the beach for some relaxation. See you in a few days or next time there is internet.

here is where we are at by the way.
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