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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I don't shoot 223 that often.....about 8 years ago I bought 1,500 rounds for $23 per 500....still working on it.

I have been reloading what I shoot, so I am no where near into that stash.....I am ready for zombies
I have about 2K rounds of store-bought 223 stashed away, bought it years ago, haven't fallen victim to the current feeding-frenzy, nor to the one in '08-09. I shoot it some, but not at a real rapid rate, so this would last me for a while. I do handload and have loaded 223, but not too much lately simply because I find futzing around with leetle beety boolits and brass to be something of a PITA with my big clumbsy sausage fingers. I've got several thou brass cases, however, and am thinking that maybe I'll start handloading up a bunch to while away the cold winter nights.

Re the ammo shortage, this one surpasses the one in '08-09 by far, at least with respect to 223. I was in a big shop the other evening and even their premium brands of 223 were completely sold out, there wasn't a single round in the store. Previously I remember not being able to find the FMJ inexpensive stuff, but the more spendy ammo was still obtainable. Not anymore, at least not around here.
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