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Originally Posted by DriveShaft View Post
I use that exact bag nearly every day for my change of clothes when I commute to work. We better not stand next to each other.

I wouldn't use it as a carry-on bag though...not anywhere close to the size limits. I prefer to max out the size limits...

Carry-on wise, I have two go-to bags. You're allowed to bring I have two. One that fits just barely under seat, and one that fits, just barely, in the overhead compartment, and both fit within CONUS carry-on limitations.
I'll take it you're military?

I just used it has my carry on last month for winter exodus. Packed to its limits, it actually did max out the carry on limitations (barely fit in the "if your bag fits in here..." things in the airport). First time using that bag traveling -- I usually use a small black duffle, that extends out. Can't for the life of me remember what brand it is, though.

Overall, impressed with that little L.L. Bean. It was tough enough, and proved to be somewhat water resistant (had to walk a half mile in the rain to catch a bus to the airport). With as much as I had in it, wheels would've been nice. I could carry it alright, but it was definitely heavy / bulky. Usually when flying, I have one carry on and one personal bag (usually a backpack, big enough to carry my laptop). Unfortunately my current backpack is camo, with "US ARMY" on it, and I was traveling OCONUS for leave. Couldn't identify myself as a government employee, so needless to say I couldn't bring my backpack with me. Damn regulations.

Thinking I might spend a little money on my next bag, and get one from here. And yes, those are real bags, and they do actually look like that in person. It'd be pretty damn easy to spot.
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