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Been at the camp a couple of days now, and what I had originally found to be an idyllic place turns out to have it's disadvantages. One, the bugs, two, the house next to the camp ground.

As for the bugs, the guy in the building next to the campground said to burn some Spanish moss, the smoke keeps the bugs away

So I went and used some of Gunny's fire tablets in my cup and lit some moss. It worked, but now I smell very smokey!

Yesterday Chris (NoMoIke) and I went to Wallymart to get some stuff, for me water, food and a little splurge, namely an mp3 player, so I could listen to music while riding. Afterward we went to Starbucks to recharge all our electrical equipment, and to relax with a cup of iced coffee, or in Chris's case a frappuchino.
Traffic was a bit of a drag on the way home, and my cheap little mp3 player played one song and stopped. Dang, guess I need to see what I did wrong.

We got back just a tad after sunset, but I did capture a colorful sky.

While eating dinner I saw that I had a new email, turns out it was from GoalZero, the roadshow lists were out.
I was excited and ran to my tent to book my first show.
Unfortunately there weren't that many choices, most of them were taken already, how I don't know.
I booked my first one in Pharr, southern tip in Texas. We'll see if I get it!

The I went to bed around 9, only to be kept awake by some noisy newcomers, and later on by folks in a truck scoping out the beach while keeping their truck running, lights aimed my way!

Finally after they left I fell asleep, only to be woken up by the generator starting at 5:30 AM.
I was still very tired and decided to just accept what was, and to just go and use the bathroom.

What greeted me was an awesome morning sky, with the moon almost hitting the horizon, and reflecting off the water.
I need to get a little tripod! Couldn't keep still enough for the time it took for the shutter to close again.

I stayed up after that, and just read.
Today I am tired, and the generator still runs!
Time to find another campsite!
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