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This Time, Shtuff's About To Get Real!!!


Here we go again!


After last year's ride, I was actually considering letting this event slide off into the abyss. It was not until talking with some fellow inmates/ attendees that I decided to continue planning it.

For the most part, I'm planning a similar format to last year's ride, and changing up the routes a bit.


After some frustration, some input from last year's attendees, and much deliberation on my part, I have decided to make some minor changes to the format this year...

1) Many have commented on the idea of a pot luck style meal for the group. While I always thought it was a good idea, my concerns were with the logistics of organizing it, as well as having so many folks riding in on bikes feeling obligated to bring a large dish to share with everyone.

---So, with my own personal schedule, I have no interest in organizing the pot luck too. I am hoping that someone, perhaps the most vocal proponent for the idea (*Cough*, Anne,*Cough, Cough*), will be willing to step up and organize that portion of the festivities...

***EDIT** Pot Luck is on!! --GirlRyder made it easy for everyone in this post. CLICK HERE

---If no one steps up, then be prepared to fend for yourselves.

2) After attempting to organize an A/B ride format for the last 2 years, It seems that may not be the best solution. Between my confusing routes, and not having someone with an intimate level of local knowledge to lead the second group, the feedback I have gotten is that format has lead to some frustration for folks...

---So, I will be planning and leading one ride, each day, just like years past. You are welcome to follow me/ that group, if you like. The pace is likely to be brisk, possibly spirited at times.


--- I like this idea, because I'm hoping it will make more people feel welcome, and consider coming out. There are all kinds of great roads in this area no matter what kind of riding you prefer. By this I mean; If you prefer sport bikes, feel free to put together a nice loop for yourself, and similarly minded riders, then enjoy everyone's company in the evenings. If you like street bikes or cruisers, you'll have a blast too! If you like Harleys, just plan to be ok with taking a little ribbing here and there. If you prefer a more relaxed pace, or feel you will not be interested/ comfortable with some of the more challenging Dual Sport sections of the main ride, feel free to put together your own route. (No, I probably will not be interested in assisting you very much with this other than some basic advice, as I have my hands full already with planning and preriding the main route.)

***Edit 7/29/13***

It looks like we have some folks willing to lead a big bike/ novice ride!!!

Originally Posted by AnyDay View Post
We're in (2). We have three loops (45-80 miles each) good for big bikes. Mix of paved, unpaved, gravel, and seasonal unmaintained. We'll probably lead one or two and share the GPS tracks so anyone can do them. More details tomorrow...
**Edit 8/11/13**
If anyone would like the gpx files for the big bike route, please PM fellow inmate AnyDay with your email address, and she will forward you the files so that you can download them.

It is my understanding that these are not originally her files, she got them from another thread on Adv, but she has preriddden them.

***Edit 8/13/13***
Originally Posted by BK.RD.RNR View Post
I just had a chance to review the gpx files that AnyDay has sent me for the big bike ride.
Originally Posted by BK.RD.RNR View Post

There are definitely some good tracks there, and some crossover with the main ride, and the BK.RD.Runs of years past.

I think these will be an excellent, and fun option for those who would rather ride at their own pace.

Concerning the parts that cross over with this years main ride, I would like to make a few suggestions for safety sake;

1) If those riding the Andes Loop, would do so in a clockwise fashion, I believe it would be safer for all of us. (Any opposite direction crossover would then occur at different times of the day)

2) If those riding the loop titled West of Walton would do so in a Counter Clockwise fasion, it should also up the safety factor.

There should not be any crossover, this year, with the central loop that stays pretty much north of Walton. Still some excellent roads in that loop that I have definitely included in past years.

Obviously, please stay aware, and try to stay on your side of the road in all situations if possible. There is still the possibility of some crossover in routes, or someone getting off track, and coming at you while trying to read the gps,,, or a farmer that is not expecting a bunch of Hooligans from downstate to be shooting around the normally quiet dirt roads he travels daily while working the farm.

As we all know, going slower, and coming back in on piece, is always more fun than going faster and ending up at the hospital.
**End Edit**

NY Wolcott will also be leading a street ride!!! If anyone would like to join, please make it known to him. Sending him a PM should be a good start.

*** Edit 8/1/13*** More details including self guided options. Click here.

Originally Posted by ny-wolcott View Post
I see that there might be an interest in a pavement ride option. If so, I'd be happy to lead, BUT:

Group size - no more than 6 bikes.
Bike types - Sport bikes, sport tourers, GS types, Supemotos, sporty standards, etc. Sorry, but cruisers and big tourers would not be comfortable.
Gear- Full protective gear (full face helmets, leather or fabric protective riding suits, boots, gloves) No Levis, sneakers.
Tires - Good condition. Plan on 300-400 miles of fast riding, possibly more depending on the group.

I ride in a spirited, but not over-the-top manner. I cruise at anywhere up to 70 MPH (75 on your speedo 'cause its off by 10%). The NYSP gives you 15 over the limit before ticketing. Can't vouch for sheriffs or locals. I DO pass on the double yellow if conditions are comfortable. If this makes you nervous, don't join us.

General rules: Basically as stated in the old Motorcyclist article titled "The Pace" by NIck Ianatsh. NO racing. Smooth but quick.Stay in you lane (or consider it a crash). If you don't like to ride behind whoever's in front of you, reposition at a stop. You're responsible for the rider behind you. If you lose him, wait for him, etc. The next rider up should do the same for you. Regroup at all road changes.

If you're comfortable with all this, I'll lead you on some great twisty paved roads through several counties.

Ride is cancelled if it rains.

Will do a sign-up post a couple weeks before the ride.

***End Edit***

I may amend the above portion of this post as I see necessary, but I think this should cover it fairly comprehensively..

Feel free to refer to the last four threads to get an idea of specifics...

The Greater Catskills Area BK.RD.Run Version 4.0 Aug. 25th & 26th 2012

The Greater Catskills Area BK.RD.Run Version 3.0 Aug. 27th & 28th 2011

The Greater Catskills Area BK.RD.Run Version 2.0 Aug. 14th & 15th 2010

The Greater Caskills Area BK.RD.Run Aug. 15th & 16th 2009

Hope to see the framiliar faces as well as some new ones .

As well, any locals in the vacinity who would have suggestions for dirt/ seasonal use only roads to add to the route would be appreciated.

Recon rides will be Wednesdays and or Sundays this year if anyone wants to tag along, or show me around some new roads (or trails ).

Feedback Welcomed!!

Oh Yeah! One more thing... Rode2Nowhere will NOT ride sweep this year!!!

...Letz Do It!...

Campground Map Link

Peaceful Valley Campground



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