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Originally Posted by NorthCoastRider View Post
If you weren't watching MX at that time then you are not qualified to make assesments on RC's abilities back in the day. Do yourself a favor and watch some RC/ JS battles. There was some good racing between the two, maybe after watching it you will appreciate why RC is called the GOAT. HE WAS AN ANIMAL.

I don't remember the location but there was a race when RC cartwheeled on a downhill, flew off the bike and was up on his feet waiting for his bike to stop tumbling so he could get back on it.
I don't doubt his credentials. I think I'm more interested in the debate. If he is he is, so be it. All records fall. Ruths did. Hank Aaron's did. Even Nicklaus's record of majors might fall, but not in Woods life time.

Point being I'd prefer he was a little more humble and came out and stated the title of "GOAT" is too lofty and his achievements were made possible by everyone who collectively swung a leg over a dirt bike/dirt track/board track etc. etc. and he is just glad to be part of it. Most people who know him as the GOAT never heard of Maldwyn Jones. I'd love to see RC ride a board track bike @100mph on oily wood with no brakes. If he wants to come across as the GOAT he might want to find and old DeCoster jersey, wear it on TV, and pay homage.

I still say his advantage over JS was the age/experience. I still say JS would beat RC now.
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