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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Nope, they'll get you on the "features" part of the law, you've got a detachable magazine, telescoping stock and a pistol grip. But there is no way one is passing without a grandfather clause. Which would be good for you since it would now be illegal to sell new copies the value of that rifle would skyrocket.
Proposed AWB by Feinstein has grandfather clause.

I haven't read an analysis yet, but there is a clause about transfers that I don't understand and I would have to get a legal opinion on as to whether it covers transferring existing grandfathered firearms only via an FFL dealer. Or it might even say that a grandfathered firearm cannot be transferred at all except to those who can get a non-grandfathered firearm (gov., manufacturers, etc.) - I am not sure:

The transfer clause is near the very end.

Note: not talking about politics here, pro or con, etc., just about what the law would be if the proposed legislation were enacted.
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