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Originally Posted by def View Post
Incorrect, Super Clean is not citrus based, does not contain NH3 and contains no volatile solvents. It is inorganic.
It looks as though you are correct, I could not find ammonia in its ingediendts. But it sure has that high ammonia smell and pain in my lungs if I breath it in.

It is labeled as a level 3 health hazard and a high inhalation risk...ammonia or not. It is also listed as Citrus scented as it shows on page 3/7 of the MSDS is listed as a hazardous material as per OSHA regs and is a HAZMAT chemical

Sorry for mis-speaking. My intent was to warn the user to be careful. I may be thinking of my Super Purple cleaner I have that is citrus and of them. But they all tear up my lungs if I get a whiff.
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