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What happened to prices on Fenders over the last several years? You used to be able to buy a MIM Strat for $300, new, at any place like Sam Ash, Guitar Center, etc. Now they've gone up considerably, as have the American versions. And along with this, the asking price of used ones has gone nuts. Guys are asking $400 around here, for used MIM strats! It wasn't that long ago, you could pick one up for $200. Did they all of a sudden get nicer, or are they just appreciating? I'm still kicking myself for not buying that MIJ strat I saw in a pawn shop several years ago for $175!!!!! They are selling for $600+ around here now!

I dont know if i'm just imagining things, but it seems like the newer MIM strats & teles have thinner/weaker paint than my 2001 MIM tele.
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