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Originally Posted by photorider View Post
How is that clip held in place?
Good question, photorider. I really didn't see a great way myself, so I just mounted it under the hose clamp and tightened until it was secure. Seemed to work just fine.

I stopped by my local airhead enthusiast shop and picked up these two items:

A rear brake switch, and a ball bearing used as the key retainer. I had completely lost my original rear brake switch, and after looking everywhere, I decided to buy a new one. Guess what I found today, one day after buying the new switch? You guessed it! Oh well, the new one looks better anyway, and now I have a spare. Mounted and ready to go. The rubber cover went on just after the photo.

The ball bearing seems inconsequential, but I only had one of the two in place, and the ignition wouldn't hold the key down with enough force to keep it in contact with everything that it needed to be in contact with. It's the reason my headlight bucket was still open until this point. I put the 2nd ball bearing in and the key works like a charm now, so I was finally able to button up the headlight bucket and install the headlight:

Then I applied Rub N' Buff to the cylinders and heads. It was a bit of a pain, but I got everything that I could. You can't really see a difference, but here are a few pictures anyway.

After this I was all out of excuses to keep the bike in the house. After a multi-point turn in my living room that was more difficult than it seemed like it should have been, I got the bike turned around and ready to exit.

It was a bit sad seeing the old girl go back out to the cold garage, but I know it is her rightful place, and better yet, it means that she's really close to rumbling to life again!

I had the seat off to charge my new AGM battery. I hooked it up to my battery charger and it read "full" immediately, so I guess we'll call it good. So the seat went back on, and we're done for the day.

I need to buy some new oil, I noticed the stuff I bought had too high of an API rating (SN, I believe). I'll do that tomorrow and get the bike all full of fluids. Not sure if I'll try starting her yet, or wait for a warm sunny day so I can start a proper break in. Maybe I'll just try to turn her over and see what happens. It would be nice to know that she's going to fire to life easily when than next warm and sunny day does finally come!
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