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That's what I thought until I did the LA Barstow to Vegas ride put on by the SoCal AMA "Dual Sport" guys (a HUGE group) and 98.73% of them ride orange 450-ish flickers with full knobbies and a plate slapped on - point is I'm now equating Dual Sport with barely legal plated dirt bikes, and true Adventure bikes being bigger bikes typically since the focus is on long touring roads both on and off road. So I'd say our little XCountry is between a Dual Sport and an Adventure bike. Point is, terminology varies depending on the crowd.

I have no idea what you are talking about or WHO you might be referring to? Yeah the street slanted guys get sick of all the shock discussions and I understand that very well.

There's another broad term... "single track". Being in Colorado these mean narrow trails with rocks on the sides a lot and in the trail as well, then throw in a little elevation change and the XCo is very soon NOT capable. If you are in 3rd gear or higher it is not a Colorado singletrack... A high clearance bike is a must and ours is very heavy and marginal on MOST single track trails around here. Now somewhere like Kansas maybe sure if there are no tight trees or rocks. Ask me about the hidden rock that took out my gear shift lever on a flat single track with grasses hiding the rocks on every little 1st gear corner. Having said that I've done a few of the flatter ST's and well you just have to be careful but the chances of damage are high, just not enough clearance. I tend to avoid them so no it's not a dirt bike.

True Dat. With your size, even IF you bottom your shock, the simple spring swap that Leafman (and Drone) and others have done is a cheap 80% fix. I live by 80% fixes in most of my life. But for me there is no reason I have to live with a shock that bottoms on the smallest of 12" rain ruts and water bars yet I still have not found a great solution. I'm revisiting this right now.

True but sounds like you want to tour highways also and man this bike is SO much better for that than any dirt bike. Some of that is the 21" pizza cutter vs. the heavy wide 19" fat mama in the front IMHO. Just limit the difficulty of your offroad expectations.

The XCo stock shock also has height adjuster, but Leafman you know that so perhaps you are saying the DR has a much broader range or something.

My bringing up a DR was to mention it as a 650 possibility that I consider to be a bit more dirt oriented than the XCo. If the seat height is a concern on the DR, it can easily be lowered by shifting a bolt in the shock linkage (much easier to adjust than the XCo.) The DR wont run with an XCo on the highway, though.

By the way, Im 6-2, 205 and my XCo is jacked up with just the correct seat height for me. I cannot quite flatfoot it (part of that is the Corbin seat).

To reiterate, the XCo has a wide range of capability - on-road and off-road.

There are limitations with the XCo for sure. The terribly small fuel tank, the horrible seat, the lack of a tach,
the challenge to adopt good wind protection, the challenge to attach luggage are just a few. Ive spent a lot of energy and money on fixing those things.

I would not like the XCo in stock form.

Going back, I'd probably opt for a BMW 650 single GS model instead of the XCo for my purposes. Most of the limitations I just mentioned are a non-issue on the GS series.

Anyway, I gots what I gots and I like it.

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