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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
CJ, I know you have something to sell, but your post omits some possible
scenarios which can actually happen with a Tubliss setup.

When a tire is punctured by a large object which leaves a hole 1/4" or larger
( this can happen; it has happened to me ) NO sealant can keep the tire inflated.
In that scenario you need to use a patch on the inside of the tire and install a tube,
or fill the tire with leaves or brush. Or if you used a mousse you can just keep riding.

When the Tubliss high pressure tube loses its air ( which can happen ) the tire CAN
come unseated from the rim. This can be a safety issue depending on what is happening
when things go wrong, and if the rim doesn't have a safety bead things can
get wobbly in a hurry, just like when a tube loses all its air quickly.

For anyone who is curious about Tubliss, do a search and see what Neduro had
to say about them. If you cannot be bothered to search, Ned likes and uses mousses
and doesn't like Tubliss at all, and has helped numerous people repair their tires
when their Tubliss system failed. This is the truth, and I believe in telling the truth
and letting the chips fall where they may. I guess I am old-fashioned.

as with any tire related items it's always good to research all options and choose what's best for your uses. Might be standard tubes (cheap and light) might be ultra heavy tubes (cheap, heavy, durable), might be mousse (not cheap, doesn't last, heavy, bombproof), tire balls (not cheap, may or may not be heavy, does last, mostly bombproof, nightmare to install without proper tools), or Tubliss (midprice, ultralight, lasts, unit is durable, how durable is your tire?).

I've spent a lot of time with professional racers using all of the above in everything from SX to WEC stuff and it all depends upon what your priorities are. Mousse is great, but at the top level it's one or two races and it's done, it's about $100 a shot, has a shelf life of 6 months (or less if not stored properly) and is heavy. but it's what the top teams run for a lot of races (from outdoor MX to dakar type races).

I run UHD and tubliss in my wheels (18, 19, 20 and 21" wheels in the garage presently). Tubliss is great, most of the issues I see are related to tire choice and how they work. I've never personally seen any failures with the actual tubliss setup but I've heard that it can happen. I'll probably run mousse for my next front wheel tire change on my 950 SE just because I want to try one out, but you have to watch heat, it kills them.

just throwing it out there... :)
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