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Originally Posted by Queen of Spades View Post
Yes it turns over - just no fire. I don't have the right size socket to get the plug out to test that. Thought it was 5/8.
Of course you turned the gas back on? I've messed with myself a few times by forgetting to turn on gas. Especially after I have been dealing with an annoying problem or havnt ridden in a while. Did a fuse blow? I mean it was just purring away and died for no reason? Sounds like something quit, fuel or spark? Have you studied all the info on page 1 of the main 640 thread? To have it just die sounds like gas quit? Your connection held? Maybe you left the plug cap loose? I can't be the only one that has done all these dumb mistakes? I also have a 99 lc4e so I am feeling for you. My bike has been nothing but a dream. To have it not run would drive me nutz. good luck
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