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[QUOTE=muskieken] i should of bought bark busters.[/QUOTE]

I appreciate the advise. I have been aware that handguards are the first mod I need, but I've got extremely minimal mechanical skill, so I basically need to be told what I should get. I will look into these.

Originally Posted by japako
As it is a new bike, you should check all of the fasteners on it that could(and will) vibrate loose. New bikes have a bad habit of doing this.

Thanks. I hadn't considered that. I made the ignorant assumption that a new bike will be flawless for a few thousand miles.

Originally Posted by AngusMcDung
I am on the west side of Wichita but would meet up with you wherever to ride around the area.

Awesome. Hopefully by spring I won't be dropping it each time out Thanks for the offer.

Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
I enjoy your style, the riding part and the writing part. The bug has bitten you.
Thanks! I enjoy writing, but I haven't had a subject for a few years.

Originally Posted by KLRmonkey
The bad news is it takes a bit of time to get your balance and find your comfort zone - just take your time and enjoy it all, because the GOOD news is for 99% of people who ride, your first bike will not be your last!
Yes... this is what I keep thinking to myself. If I keep going, it'll feel comfortable eventually. That's true of any new coordinated physical activity, so I just need to put in the hours.
As far as a next bike - I won't say no, but this one being new, it'll be a while till I can even consider it

Originally Posted by Bicyclist
One thing you learned, whether you realize it yet or not, is that when you drop it on the right side, it's helpful to deploy the sidestand before you pick it up.
You're right - I didn't realize that
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