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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
Hey Liz, good story. We nearby flat landers love the neat mountain passes of Vermont. To some questions and good points you made:

—The thing you blew apart is a check valve to keep fuel from running out when/if the bike tips over. Who lets that happen? ;)

—The fuel pressure will stay at around 40 PSI after a couple seconds on, even after the key is off (photo below, motor and key off).

The stock pressure for 1100s and 1150s at idle is 43.5 psi in the line going from the tank to the fuel distributor, and the return rate in the line going from the distributor back to the tank at idle is 1/2 gallon per minute. If you check both you have a good idea of the health of your fuel system. Measuring the return volume is more important than pressure since the regulators are pretty bulletin proof.


Roger, hi!

Thanks for the compliment about the story. It was Brandon Gap, going from Rochester to Brandon when the bike was hiccuping. All the way up I just kept making promises to the bike to never do anything bad to it, and wash it when we got home, as long as it got me over the top of the gap. Of course the bike did get over the top, and I didn't wash it. But with the new pump, it keeps on going. We have some pretty cool gaps/passes up here, especially Lincoln Gap on a foggy night. There's another story to go with that evenings experience too.

So you answered one of my big questions about the fuel pumps and fuel system. With the old pump, and a gauge set up, just about like you have there, when the key went on, the pressure jumped right up. But even with the key on, after a few seconds the pressure would go back to zero. So where's the check valve in the system that keeps the pressure up, in the pump?

The other question is, what could get so hot in the pump to make it malfunction when hot, brushes? bearings?

Thanks, and come on up and ride sometime. I'm in Rut-Vegas (Rutland) next to the Vermont State Fairgrounds. Send me a PM and I'll give you the GPS data.


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