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Poor Sealing of CPR Rottweiler Filter-Anyone Else Notice This?

When I pulled the CPR filter off for cleaning, I noticed a trail of dirt/dust along the RF corner. Since the tanks were off, I was able to get a good look at the area with the filter back in place-

The outside edge of the ear that has the Dzus fastener is contacting the base plate, instead of fitting over it, and it has warped the filter frame, and allowed a gap for dirt to enter.
It appears that the crankcase vent one-way valve, which is mounted in the hole provided for it, is just a bit too close to the sealing area, and contacts the filter frame, not allowing it to sit squarely on the base-

I tried to gently bend that portion of the ear, but it just broke the edge off. At least it was able to fit over the base that way, although it was still warped a bit-

I'll clamp the area, and see if the parts will eventually return to their normal shape-

There really isn't much room to move the valve in any further, as there is already very little room to fit the hose to the valve- the clearance to the carb body is very small-

Has anyone else found this to be an issue?
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