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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post

Arrived at my door from 'Corporate Overgoods'. I googled that term and it is UPS' loss/damage division.
The scope is a Bushnell Elite 10x40 fixed power that goes for about $230
Doing a little more research I found out that this is a scope that Barrett sticks on some models of their .50's from the factory so its rated to hold up to some recoil.

The box has been hacked to hell with a razor blade and the original shipping label cut off.
It was repackaged with cardboard pieces taped to the box.
No explanation, no reason, nothing.

I didn't order this thing, but UPS decided I needed it.


I guess I'll order some 1" rings and stick it on my 18" 300 BLK build.
While I hate UPS, ( See my previous thread here about a tube extender for my shotgun, if it were me I would contact the company and notify them. Karma will come around at some point. No reason to screw over gun companies. They may even tell you to keep it. Just my opinion. I have been thinking about putting an ACOG on my 300 BLK AR.
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