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2013 Bombrun dates

It's good to hear everybody chiming in about the next Bombrun!

How about March 23-24 in 2013 of course!

Open to anybody who likes riding/camping/eating/hanging out at the campfire

Ramjet, It's been too long! Bring the pick-axe setup, we just need dump-bed and loader attachments for a couple more bikes!

DB Cooper, Did you take Thermal Canyon all the way to the freeway or is that a loop from Berdoo Canyon? (and see you there buddy!)

JB, welcome. I don't really have any GPS tracks but you can find the Bradshaw Trail pretty easily and we have some other destinations around too. Come on out and we'll show 'em to you.

Kelly, thinking about carne asada again this year. (ok, in all fairness I am always thinking about carne asada!) Maybe we can get a list going of misc fixens or desert or paper plates/napkins/plastic ware or other? Let me know what you think.

Working on stickers, Doubleoh7 updated the date on the Bombrun graphic. You guys think black stickers with new date or maybe same graphic but in red/white or what? let me know SOON.

Mike Kern
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