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Originally Posted by bpeckm View Post
Would love to see more of the "geometry" changes with the rear shock... fabulous idea and very nicely executed, it appears. Purists beware, indeed.... but it seems you have the respect for the engineering and build quality of "The Marque".... Love it!

Thanks!!! All these comments are great but I really appreciate what you say.

I really love BMWs and I find most of the customizations people do to them really annoying. I especially hate it when people make choppers out of them that look like a Harley with a polished BMW engine.

My take was to take the idea of what a BMW is then make something unique that kept that BMW feeling. So you are absolutely right. I do respect the engineering and build quality of "The Marque", and tried to work with it rather then against it.

As to the geometry changes I'll take some pics. I've just built it and it handles great on the road but I want to do some testing offroad, and make sure it works or dial it in before I post anything about it's possible GS type potential.

It's funny but when I build something like this that I've not seen made before I kind of crunch all the numbers in my head, and I try envision exactly how it's going to function, but you never really know until you use it.

People have extended swingarms on BMWs but usually a few inches, not a foot or more. In this case the bike handled pretty much like a thought it would except that it accelerated much faster then I expected. You know how it is when your instincts kinda take over, the amount of throttle I'm used to giving those bikes had it revving up pretty fast. I didn't even hit it hard, but when first road it I was like "Whooaaaaaahhhhhooooo hold on this is new!!!"
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