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Hello !
May I say something ?
You're about to start her after a lot of dismantling. Good !
I, for one, would remove the spark plugs, remove the positive wire at the coils and then activate the starter until the oil light goes out. Let is sit a couple of minutes for the battery to recover and do it again in order to get oil up to the valves rockers. (I'll check the presence of oil in both sides to see if the oil canal in the barrel is not clogged by too much paste...)
Then, recharge the battery, buy a gallon or two of proper gasoline and start her after having put the carbs at the "factory setting". Do a fast synchro and an idle set up and return her to sleep 'til you can safely drive her in the neighborhood.. If this moment is in far future, do not forget to close both tank taps, and empty carbs bowls....
I'm mighty jealous by the work you've done ! She looks like a new bike right from factory !
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