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Originally Posted by Steinbuck View Post
Why not just weld on the whole washer from the top? You'd end up with more bottom surface area (good in sand) and it'd look a lot more "commando", to boot!
Originally Posted by jordan p View Post
Exactly what I was thinking
Originally Posted by jordan p View Post
Would it not be stronger on solid ground with a full washer though?
I have a done a few of these and one of them I did was like you said...just putting the washer on the bottom and welding on the top. It's not what I wanted to do but that's what he wanted. It looked terrible and every time I see it I want to cut it off and do it right... KLR owner. I prefer my stuff to be a bit more clean of an installation, I did another one on the wife's DR200 where I cut it out but welded from the top, not as clean looking.....I may redo it one day it's not about strength it's all about surface area so it really doesn't matter. As long as it helps to keep the bike upright in soft surfaces I will be happy.
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