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Originally Posted by kayaker43 View Post
The bike below is a modified BBR framed XR200 that used cr85 suspension and wheels. I laced up some full size trials wheels and extended the swingarm so its now the same size as an XR200 but it weighs just under 192 lbs full of gas or about 30 lbs less than the lightest 125 on the list. It has a Powroll stroker 218 motor, MX suspension and brakes and is street legal. It can embarass pretty much anything in the tight woods and with the 6 speed wide ratio trans will cruise 55 without stress. I think its the best bike Honda never built. Ironicly its 95% stock Honda parts bolted to a custom frame, something Honda could have easily done.

This bike need it's own thread!

The low tech/ low weight concept makes total sense to me. I'd much rather have something along these lines than something with a on-the edge motor, water-cooled, etc.& all the extra junk that goes with it.

I'll be interested in your new, lighter frame.

Thanks for sharing this.
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