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Originally Posted by Mr_Snips View Post
With that said is it normal for the bars to moved back and forth (front and back) a little bit with bar risers?
That kind of movement could be a couple of things. It could be that the bolts holding the bar mounts down to the triple tree could be loose. But, you usually feel that looseness when you move the bars left and right. The bolt that is closest to the key is really, really hard to tighten, so your prior owned might have messed with them while installing risers and not gotten both perfectly tight. Check that.

The second thing it could be is that the rubber bushings are worn out. My bike is an 05 with 34,000 on it, and the bushings are not worn out. However, CJRacer makes a solid mount because these do wear out:

And make sure that that bike has a sidestand relocator on it. The sidestand is mounted to the aluminum case at the factory, and it has to be moved off or you will crack your case on day, so make sure it either has a relocator or that you order one immediately. I bought mine from Black Dog Cycle Works, but there are other makers out there.
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