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Originally Posted by dvwalker View Post
Crawdaddy, yea the 5W LED is definitely not a night light, but in a pinch should get you out of the woods...

I was mainly thinking function and the small 196w stator, and potential draw. We really didn't have to think about this on the WRR and the 350W stator.

I believe battery charge should stay positive using the 5W LED light with fan/GPS running. I installed the sicass light switch so one can always turn off the head light in a pinch. I'm still on the fence spending the bucks on a squadron as well..
Dropped one in yesterday.......that thing really does kick out a lot of light for a 5W pencil beam........the XCF-W comes with a push pin shutoff for the's mounted just to the right of the computer dash

Also set up the dash panel......HDB hands guards/computer dash......replaced the stock grips and ran heated wire elements underneath the new grips......put in an "on/off" push button switch to activate grips (high or off).......also dropped in a Powerlet for misc. accessories (I have a SAE pigtail to plug into the Powerlet that I'll use to tie into whatever).......the third (unswitched) line will go to the GPS........just waiting on the Eastern Beaver 3 Circuit Solution to arrive so I can tie it all together

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