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Originally Posted by H14 View Post
Thanks Dana.

We've narrowed our planning down to ten days of camp, ride, repeat. Or possibly finding a nice campground in NH, setting up a base camp and from there doing several day rides. Last night we ditched the camping idea and looked a staying in a motel in Gorham NH and do day rides from there. This morning we scratched that idea and now we're looking at maybe traveling into Canada a bit.

I guess we'll spend the next couple of weeks driving ourselves nuts, flip a coin and get serious about what we'll actually be doing.

Hey kevin,

Check with eddie bolted, we did a similar trip last year in July (i think).
we did like 6 or seven states in 6 or 7 days. He had some good routes. ask him about the road were Someone was cathing air on their GS1200 while two up pullling a trailer. the person that gave him the route just said "be careful it's a fun road".... we hit man on the mountian, Mt washington, weirs beach(for a second). we even hit a couple rallies on the way for a one nite stay. we stayed in primitve camp grounds. we found its nice to plan a rest day where you just camp/hotel one nite at a place and hold up and relax for a half day/day or so. to give a breake from get up at 6 am break camp ride all day and set up camp and reapeat for 7 days strait...
Dan B.
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