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Day 14 – Amasra – Istanbul – 460 km

The lazy days were over and it was time to continue with our journey. We woke up really early in the morning to get to Istanbul before the afternoon traffic. We will be there in no time.
Do you know how you make God laugh? You tell him your plans…
So, after we took one nice shot of the sunrise we left.

The route we choose will now take us south, away from the sea in order to try and have a good time to Istanbul. Amasra – Bartin – Gokcebey – Devrek – Mangen – Yenicaga and then the O4 highway to Istanbul.
The stretch between Bartin and Yenicaga is a two lane road, and when we ride there were a lot of road works to upgrade it to a four lane road.

Planning to get there fast, I was not careful enough with the gas consumption and 3.6 km from the gas station I run out of it. It was on the highway and most of the traffic passing by were lories on diesel. Not good.
I was not happy.

I had to options, to get by foot to the gas station and get a bottle of gas and come back or push the bike there. Not feeling good to leave Oana and the bike there I decided to push.
Boy, 3.6 km slightly uphill it’s a long way…
No bike passed us in this time. Finally I got there, filled up and drink a lot of water. Of course 5 minutes later a KTM entered the gas station going also to Istanbul.

The closer you get to the big city the traffic gets denser and the driving more aggressive. From the moment you start seeing the outskirt of the city and until the moment when you cross the bridge in Europe and enter the city center is a long way.

We manage to get there around 2 a cloak, before the big traffic jam and until we entered the small streets of the Old City, we had no problems. There it was a bit of a jam, but after some navigation on small one way streets we got to our hotel. This time we had reservation to a very nice hotel in the Sultanahmet, 5 minutes walking from the Blue Mosque.
Afyter a nap and a shower it was time to eat and discover the city. It was the first time we were there and after that we promise we will return.

We eat on a terrace on the top of a building on the way to the Blue Mosque, then we wonder around the city. Entered Blue Mosque, admired Hagia Sofia in the evening sun, got down to the Bosfor, to the Galata Bridge where we admired the sunset and the local fisherman.

Blue Mosque

Women have to cover themselves

Hagia Sofia

Galata Bridge

We loved the city with the people, the smells of kebab and fish and we simply embraced the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the place.
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