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Originally Posted by RenoMoto View Post

I'm signed up and looking forward to my first Mexican 1000. Tim Morton is moving my gear along each day but I'm otherwise coming down alone with no crew or pit support (it seems Mag 7 isn't a great option).

Couple of questions so I can prepare:

It looks like the longest special last year was 175 miles. Does it make sense to run a 19 liter tank (instead of my current 13 liter on my 500xcw) and not have to worry about any sort of fueling during a stage? (I'm thinking YES)

Are Pemex stations along the transit sections a reliable source of fuel? Or do I need to weasel a fuel can along with another teams support crew.

Do I need to carry food and water for the entire day? or stash a care package with another team or race organizer?

Is there any riding at night? Should I bring along my helmet light?

Any other stupid questions I should be asking?
I would say more fuel is always a good bet.

The Pemex stations are great if you get to them when they are open. One mechanical problem that ties you up for hours making repairs, and you might not make it there. Good luck figuring out which team to stash a can with. The only time that you'll see a chase crew is on a laison or end/beginning of a stage. Unless someone is only chasing you, then you really can't plan on that. Having the emergency only service from Mag 7 might be an option. I too am very disappointed in what happened last year with them...especially since they never really apologized or offered a discount for returning members as a show of good faith.....because when you sign up, you become a member. Not a great way to treat a member.

This also goes for riding at night. Even if you are slow, you should not end up driving at night..unless you have a mechanical or injury that literally stops you for a while. I would at least have enough lighting so you could ride out at normal speed. Because if your that late, there's no reason to speed, you would have already accrued the penalty points...get there safe.

I would carry enough food and water to allow you to spend the night or more in the desert. On the laisons, nothing stops you from getting a taco, but you do want to keep moving. I would stash a cooler with Tim so you have some goodies waiting for you at the bivy so you know you'll have something to eat.

People (racers and locals) will always help you, but it is good practice to plan ahead. Just like how you should dress for the crash, you might want to prep for the break-down.

Of course these are just my opinions as a relative noob. I'm sure the Baja gurus here have much more insight to offer.
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