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I recently sold my bike. I found I was riding it less and less, I also didn't like the idea of payments on something I wasn't using, so I figured sell the bike use the equity and buy something that I don't feel obligated to ride. I also had a very very close friend get killed riding two years ago. I made the decision then to get back in the saddle.. But of late I found that whenever I went riding I was as focused on the bad as much or more than the good.. Always thinking what if this or that happens.. Truth is I think I'm more afraid of serious injury than death.. at least if I'm dead I'm not suffering.. I'm not big on pain.. For me the worst thing would be to end up in a wheelchair, eating through a straw.

I also think that at least for me having a bike (I've had one continuously for the last 15 years, after a 15 year hiatus previously) Is something that defines me as a person.. I think that for me a large portion of the pleasure I got from having a bike was and is as much for the camaraderie, as much for being a motorcyclist as it was for the actual riding. So I think that what may make it so hard for me and others to give it up even though we know it's dangerous, that our deaths or incapacitation would hurt so many others is that it's a part of who we are, and that we feel we are giving up a part of ourselves, a romantic part of ourselves, that not being a rider somehow diminishes who we are, or who we see ourselves as..

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