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The Mighty Pacific.

Finally got back on the road and reached the 'Wet Coast' yesterday. Up in the PNW we call it the Wet Coast but what the Hell is all this? Pleeeeze, Mr. Sunshine. Comeon down!
I also find myself getting to far in a hurry again with a good two months left before my scheduled return to Good Ol Canada.
Checking short term accommodations in the SD area has not revealed much fruit. In my pricerange anyhoo. So, any help would be appreciated in info on oneor two week furnished studios or whatever (efficiency motels) in say, the Oceanside area. As I work past LA I will be looking for same between there and San Fran. Just need to hang back and see the land at a reasonable price. $100 motels will kill the budget again. Now if spring does come down here I'll be the first back into the tent.
Preppin the bike in the bunker.

The last sunrise. (Didn't sleep much that night, just wanted to get goin.)

An overnighter in Tuscon got the Big Gal's toiletries all taken care of by Steve at Renaissance. Great guy with much knowledge. He put in a warranty claim on the fog lights but I am not holding my breath.
It was starting to rain when I headed out on the road to Ajo. Stopping to take this pic I got a bit of an airshow overhead with F16s chasing each other in and out of the clouds. Like great eagles playing only a lot faster and a lot better sounding.

But I seemed to have dodged all the major stuff. Ajo looks like another one of Arizona's open pit mining towns.

But 86 thru Ajo to 8 was worth the ride.
Crossing into California here you hit the dunes.

And these guys were having a blast!

The rain held off to Yuma and I bedded down at a fleabag for the night.
Next day had me riding into more and more of the wet stuff. My Oly gear held true to form and kept me totally dry. Heated grips on low worked flawlessly. The summer boots soaked right thru but my waterproof socks did their trick. I did call it an early day when I got to the Anza Borrego area because the deluge had increased into the mountains. Plus another inmate had clued me into the De Anza Springs Resort, clothing optional, and the only place around. In the cool downpour the option was definitely clothes. The mile ride in the now well muddied dirt road turned BG into an offroader and she handled it with grace.

The resort, however was a lot different than the online pretty pics I saw.

Overpriced, I made it a one night stopover.
Next day was on and off showers to begin with but, finding Old Highway 80 that turned into the 94 Campo road made it all worth it. The rain came down but getting to burn at least a little rubber off the sides of the tires was definitely worth it. What a great road.

Out of the rain and into a bit of fog at the great Pacific. My southwestern most point.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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