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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
What was included in the EML parts you bought? Sub-frame and struts? Sub-frame, struts and leading link?

When you say "no more paralever" did you maybe mean "no more telelever"? (For non-BMW aficionados out there, the paralever is the rear swingarm and the telever is the front suspension A-bracket but even BMW guys sometimes mis-speak and say them in reverse!)

Those Rawhyde guys are gonna love having 2 gallons of instant air! But Gawd that thing takes up a lot of space. I like your idea of mounting it in a box so that (I'm guessing) you can easily remove it and replace it with a cargo box and seat when you want to go out and bash around on your own.
The EML came with everything minus some hardware and the body. Correct- Telalever.. It was very late when I posted this.
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