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This thread couldn't have come along at a better time (thanks RicemaanV). I didn't even think this bike would be represented here on advrider until I checked out the Road Warriors section.

Last week while home battling todays cold version of the plague, I was browsing ebay looking at bikes like I have done thousands of times before. I came across this 2001 Road King that was done up with all kinds of aftermarket ( type 181056878787 in the ebay search bar to see her) stuff. Now I can tell you this version of a Road King is not going to be for everybody , either it was the NyQuil, or the 2lbs of daily pills I was on, but I had to have it. The bidding was cheap at first, and just before close it got away from me. It became personal and I then HAD to have it. The next morning I woke up, gave the head a scratch and thought, did I buy a two wheeled chrome pig mobile last night ? Opened up my laptop and yup, sure enough. That fact that the bike was in NYC and I live in Nova Scotia Canada just raised the stupid bar over my head. I then set forth to look up what exactly a Road King is. Despite owning approx. 20 motorcycles from childhood (1972) to now, I had never owner a Harley nor knew very much of them. So far no buyers remorse but I have yet to see it in real life. It left New York last week and is in transit. The seller couldn't have been a better guy and for that I was lucky.

So you are probably wondering why in the sweet f#@k would someone buy that bike on impulse. Well, it honestly comes down to my house pet Goldie Hawg :

She is my 300lb ++ 10 year long live in house buddy. The orange tribal sneering pig on the gas tank of the Road King and the chrome "launching" pig on the front fender is what kicked me into buy zone. Too funny. Who knows, this may all have taken me to one of the funnest bikes I have ever owned ??? I will keep my Fz1 set up for touring to maintain my speed fix. If this bike fits in to the stable and provides fun than all good.

I will post pics of her once it arrives !

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