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Day 8 - 12
July 21 – July 25.
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ˇ Journaling went all to hell, but not much to report since riding was at a minimum.
ˇ Left Tofino on July 21 and made our way to Victoria for a 2-and-a-bit day visit with Susan’s cousin Anne, her fiancé Keith, and their munchkin Gibson. Took the slab the whole way … not much to report (apart from the fact that it had stopped raining!). Was vaguely aware of being on the same road as that retard who posted YouTube video of himself doing over 300kph last year.
ˇ Had planned on making a stop at Island BMW to pass on some ‘positive reinforcement’ with respect to the fantastic support they (and BMW Canada) gave Alberto and Naomi through all their warranty BS in South America. I had looked up the address before I left (and confirmed against a number of other sources) but apparently they have moved in the not-to-recent past. Got a scenic tour of where they USED to be located, before hauling out the phone to find out where they were now.
ˇ Got the new address … still more-or-less on the route to Keith and Anne’s. Arrived in time to watch somebody take delivery of a new R1200GS … was quite a family event … wife and kids in tow. Went in and bought some more chain lube and a t-shirt. Apparently, Brian (the guy who was so helpful to Alberto and Naomi) has since left the dealership and is going to culinary school on the lower mainland.
ˇ Spent a couple of days doing some of the regular tourist stuff in Victoria (inner harbour during the International Street Performers Festival, pickle-boat ride in the harbour, pigged out on seafood (again), etc.). Keith and Anne live a short walk from the water front in Esquimalt … cool neighbourhood, good company … a super visit!

View of the shoreline near Keith and Anne's house, with WA in the background

ˇ Left Keith and Anne’s place on the morning of the 23rd, and caught the ferry from Victoria over to Port Angeles on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula .

A view of Victoria Harbour from the ferry ... waiting for the cagers to be loaded.

The crossing

ˇ We assumed that we’d get separated disembarking from the ferry, so we arranged to meet at the State Park office/ranger station on the outskirts of Port Angeles, and on the edge of Olympic NP. Being on a bike, and towards the front of the ship, I was way ahead of Sue and the girls, so I had some time to people-watch at the ranger station. Lots of folks checking-in with the ranger station to do some sort of backcountry hikes. Didn’t seem like a lot of ‘seasoned’ backcountry folks here … lots of brand-new gear. Either the local REI was having a sale, or this is some sort of entry-level trail for city folks to be able to check ‘backpacking’ off their bucket lists. Susan and the girls eventually made it to the station, and we had a picnic lunch on the lawn of the facility.
ˇ The destination for the next couple of days was Kalaloch (The US Customs agent at the Port Angeles entry point gave Susan a quick lesson on the proper pronunciation … tourists say “Kah-lah-lock” … locals say “Klay-lock” … who knew?). Sue and the girls were planning to take the most direct route … Hwy 101 right from PA to Kalaloch. Since we didn’t have many miles to make, and since I was on a bike, I decided to try and stick to the coast as much as I could. Hwys 112 and 113 looked interesting on the map, although unless I wanted to back-track a bit, I’d have to rejoin Hwy 101 at some point.
ˇ As much as it was only a short diversion from the inland route, this became one of my more memorable legs of the trip. Only a rider can appreciate the difference that smell can make to a trip, as compared to caging it. Hwy 112 is a narrow, well-paved but heavily forested road. It has lots of twists and turns, but the views are limited by the trees. The memorable point was when the road started to descend from the highlands, down the escarpment, presumably to the ocean. And the first indication you had of your presence to the ocean was the smell of salt water … a good 5 minutes before you actually saw the coast line! Cool as shit for this Alberta boy!
ˇ After the road swings away from the ocean and you start to climb back up the escarpment, there was a bit of logging-truck traffic, but the drivers were professional and courteous, and I was easily able overtake when it was safe. In fact, this was my first observation of the cagers in general in WA … nice as hell, courteous, and very rider-conscious. This would become apparent again in a few days at Mt. Rainier .
ˇ Went through a small town called Forks. Susan had mentioned this has something to do with the Twilight movies … either filmed here or set here … although I didn’t notice any tourist traps (not that I stopped there).
ˇ Arrived at Kalaloch … Susan and the girls were already there and had camp almost set up. The bike would be parked for next three days. We did lots of beachcombing, eating of seafood, hiking amongst the temperate rainforest, etc. Met a super-nice family from the Bothell/Lynnwood (north-edge of the Seattle area) with sons the same age as the girls … Sean, Susan, Will, and Ian. Spent a lot of enjoyable time with them walking the beaches of the area, showing my landlocked-daughters the tidal fauna, cooking s’mores, etc.

F800GS, a mini-van, and a Barbie bicycle ... how's that for a 'split-purpose' trip!

Exploring the campground a bit.

Rainforest hike


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