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Well, I had a cascade of KLR tinkerings today. What started as a re-fitment of my old supermoto front fender to replace my broken one from my last ride...

Broken beak.

Then I decided to swap my 16T sprocket for my 14T. Been doing a bit of DS exploring lately and less trail riding.

Then I decided to clean up the rear end as the swingarm tips and axle adjusters were chock full of dirt.

Then I decided to change my rear wheel bearings and grease up the whole thing properly.

Then I decided to weld up a fat foot for my side stand. Tried to drill a bunch of holes to lighten the thing. Holes in the bottom were filled with silicone to keep water and mud out of it. If I were to do it again, I'd plan out the hole placement a bit better so I could make more holes.

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