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Originally Posted by RandoCommando View Post
Riding out of the woods with a torn shoulder, headache, and no rear brakes was interesting to say the least. LOL
We give you a chance to re-phrase this ... The word "interesting" sounds too weird to me ...

After I kissed the ground with the bike over me, I had to replace the rotator back into his socket ... I bang the shoulder on the tarmac many times, but my right elbow was still 2 to 3 inches bellow the left one. I asked my friend to raise my arm, and doing so, pushed the rotator back into his hemi-spheral socket. I heard and felt too well the "knocking" sound. Ouch !!! At that point, because of the pain, my eyes were almost blind. All I could see was like black sheet with a small hole. Like if each of my eyes were looking into a 3/8 " tube.

My friend found a way to put me back on the bike. Fore-arm and hand were working, but from the shoulder to the elbow, everything was dead. It behaved like a piece of Ham hanging under 12 inches of cord. 20 minutes of bike, and 5 hours of pickup later, I was at the hospital.

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