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Ugh! I hate that look. I hate it even more when they give me that look while holding a phone to their head!

I put some cheapo-shinko 244s on my bike and put about 100 miles on them so far (only pavement). I have to say they performed way better than I thought they would.

I lowered my bike about .5" and these taller tires have nullified that! Plus my Coleman seat pad adds a bit of height so in dangling feet at stops while hoping there isn't a crosswind! Lol

I'm ordering a seat concepts cover and foam that will lower the seat height 3/4" and hopefully eliminate the need for the Coleman pad as well saving another. 1/2" - 3/4" or so. That would be plenty, if not there is always lowering links, but I don't think they'll be necessary.

I also got new chain and sprockets. Larger rear to compensate for the taller rear tire. I was already running a slightly larger rear sprocket as the X is geared too high stock, and the taller tire put me right back to stock almost.

Hoping to do a gravel and dirt test soon.

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