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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
Most folks at the AF1 Aprilia Forum weren't that lucky.

Electrical gremlins, "gear mode" lock up on the display and the bike won't
shift out of 1st gear, won't start after riding in the rain etc.

To tell the truth, I've been hearing a lot of the same from Pegaso 650 Strada
(the new one) owners and there's a bunch of them here for the price of a
good used Ninja 250 (guess why).

1st gen Shiver, same story.

Not trying to discredit anything you state Cortez, I actually respect you and your opinions BUT the forums tend to represent a very small subset of the entire population of owners of any given bike.

That said, people on forums typically are more "into" the subject matter that forum pertains to, and inasmuch makes them more critical of the product as a a whole.

In other words there are plenty of people who own machines who aren't active in online groups about them, and who basically have quiet enjoyable relationships with their machines that we never hear from.

More so, than are members of the user groups perhaps (even for low-volume products like BV and Pegasos) so what we hear about on an enthusiasts forum isnt the total picture about a product.

Listen, Ive had my issues with my modern Vespa, and Piaggio and I dont believe they support their product well here in the states. But when I hear stories of the sky is falling around a particular bike on an internet forum, I have to take it in the context from which it was delivered.

Here someone says their experience has been trouble-free with a given scoot and youre quoting what others, (none of whom are you btw) claim on an enthusiasts site and somewhere in-between those two sets of experiences is what I believe reality is.
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