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Originally Posted by TINK View Post
100 years from now when I take the controls off the handle bars I'll know to look for the wedge as it falls onto the ground.

Originally Posted by melville View Post
Duane's not quite right on that one--my 1975 /6 does not take a perch wedge, and I understand later models may only need a wedge on one side. Make sure both perches have room for the wedge--this one does not:

What the hell is the wedge for? I remember it lying around on my bench after a disassemble thinking "where the hell did this come from?"

Just by coincidence I found it at the bottom of a box earlier today whist looking for a missing centrestand bushing (i don't use the stand but might build a "paddock stand" type thing) and again wondering what the hell it was for.
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