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Originally Posted by GeeK_InsiDe View Post
Could you develop a little more please :)?
I removed the fork tubes (after removing the front tire, brakes and fender).

Then I popped off the fork caps, removed the old spring (the left one in the picture) and dumped out the old fork oil.

I filled the fork tube full of 10W fork oil up to 120mm below the top of the compressed fork.

Installed the new spring (the one on the right in the picture) with the tighter winds toward the top.

Then I put the fork caps back on, slid the tubes into the triple trees and re-installed the front wheel, brakes and fender.

Today's ride told me that I did the right thing. I really like the way it feels now. Much less sag, stiffer, yet not stiff, less nose dive while braking and the front tire feels more planted. Both on and off road.
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