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Originally Posted by Queen of Spades View Post
Negligible voltage coming off of the blue wire from the part where the red MM lead is touching (solenoid?)

In the picture I am checking voltage off of one of the big wires (this left goes to the POS battery term, the right I think goes to the starter). I'm showing 12 volts with on the left term and none on the right. When starter is engaged the voltage drops to about 9 for both big terminals. The blue wire continually shows negligible voltage ~.05 .10v.

I tested resistance on the coil wires using the 200 setting. This time I get ~.20 from blue-white to ground, and still 1._____ from plug wire to blue-white.

Anyone know what voltage I should expect to see on the blue wire coming off the relay? Seems like I should see more than .05-.10v To be clear - the voltage on that blue wire (which routes to the coil) does not change when the starter is engaged.
The blue wire on the starter solenoid shouldn't have anything to do with the coil. Thos two small wires energize the starter solenoid. Maybe blue is the ground on the bike? I haven't looked at a wiring diagram.

Either way, if you push the button and he starter cranks the wires at the solenoid are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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