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Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
Inventor Professional and Solidworks will allow you to do FEA but more often than not if you don't know exactly what you are doing it can screw you big time. Actually in these parts I would not worry at all as the weight load is minimal and when a crash occurs the loads are so high you can kiss the tower goodbuy ... For example Laia's tower in this dakar broke and had to carry it in her back swapping it between her teamate because it was too heavy ... Of course the load has What I am interested in at the moment as far as the Towers is concerned is how to make them collapse if they get hit by the rider, much like AntiPaul did with his first design. That was a very nice feature. As far as the other equipment is concerned you have to make them completely bulletproof. I would prefer to add 200 grams on my roadbook and make sure that is stronger that making it a featherlight unit that gets destroyed with a light touch. You know what I mean...

The subject tha Paul started with an FEA program that will give you hints about the shape, I remeber Designspace from ANSYS which would automatically remove material from the structure. Material that did not do anything as far as the loads and the supports is concerned. You would choose the percentage reduction and it would try and achieve that. Anyways... Back into the Towers ...
Dimitri, I started looking into the packages that are out there now, wow, makes me feel like I'm in the dark ages with what I have, CosmosExpress/SimulationExpress, if I only had the money for a seat of Catia and Simulia/Abacus!

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