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Well, I just finished 2 days of giving my GS it's annual winter going over on the lift table. Last winter was pretty major, getting all of Alaska out of the nooks and crannies. Last summer's major trip was to Colorado, with several down to Missouri thrown in. I spent alot of time riding my 1200 GT, which is in at the dealer right now getting the 18,000 mile service. So 2 days of the GS on the lift allows me to really clean and check out the whole bike, make adjustments and lube where need. I had a mounting bolt to replace on my Dalota Motorsports bash plate, so I got that taken care of. But for the first time, I did a semi spline lube. I wasn't experiencing anything that was a warning that it needed to be done, but it has 50,000 and I have never done it. My Service Manager taught me this so I gave it a go. Basically, you remove the starter, take all the slack out of the adjuster ( 1100 GS ) and tie the lever in place with a tie wrap. You can now see about a 1/4" to 3/8" of the splines looking thru the opening. Push the plates back with a screwdriver to expose more. Put the trany in 1st and slowly rotate, dabbing the splines with new Honda Moly 60, using an artists paint brush. Worked like a charm and I had then done in about 15 minutes. Buttoned it back up, off the lift and back on the Battery Tender for a couple of more months. Every winter for the past few years, I think about selling the pig and trying something else, and every year, when I button it up, I come to my senses and realize just how much I love this bike. He'a a pic before the detail started.



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