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Originally Posted by Hillbilly501 View Post
This is very cool, it's going to be great to follow this. Just remember that orange paint and 37 clicks of suspension adjustment don't make up for being a shit rider Does that mean you will be able to swap the bike between 690 and 450 depending which race you're going to?
Hi Hillbilly! - yes, that is certainly an option for people - although as it is a crank/rod and piston kit, it's not just going to be a 5 minute job so to speak...

Fortunately there are plenty of secondhand 690s around now - either the Enduro, or the SMC and Duke version too of course, so sourcing a second engine and building that up with the 450 kit would mean you'd then have the option of swapping between a 450 and a 690 as required - which would be just a couple of hours work?

That said, personally I will be campaigning the 450cc version throughout the year, as we want to rack up plenty of miles on it to prove it will go the [Dakar] distance with no problems... We also have some specific long distance endurance tests planned too - watch this space!

In the meantime, John will be racing his 690cc bike at the Tuareg Rally this coming March - that will essentially be proving the chassis spec we have in mind, including a fancy new shock from Dutch company TracTive (they are ex-WP guys that set up on their own when WP was 'absorbed' by KTM)...

Then once the 450cc engine is ready to install, we'll simply swap it over and reprogram the stock ECU with the specific map for the 450.

Sounds all so simple when I write it down doesn't it?!

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