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There is an excellent XS650 site with answers to a bootload of stupid questions, which has been a real help in learning and understanding the ins and outs of the XS650.... Kudos to the guys who do these bikes, be they choppers, trackers, revivals, customs, etc. They are a good source of help, parts, advice and camaraderie.... sort of like ADV.... sort of.... they ARE chopper freaks, a lot of them.....

I ran into a real puzzle with the electronic ignition system later in the program, which, without their expert advice, woulda been a real hair-puller.... so in spite of my sarcastic half-wit, I owe them a LOT.....

Went there, and to our friend Google, for inspiration on what we were going for: looking for a back-roads runner, a lot of gravel, twisties, exploring to be done in Vuhmont.....dontchaknow.....

There are a lot of damn-good-looking XS650's out there, here are a few that inspired Will and me:

Lots of nicely-done bikes out there, with the "look" that we wanted: not a street tracker, not really a tracker, not stock, just something for bombing back roads.... dual sport tires, old-style wide bars, simple styling.

So, that was where we started.....

XS650 becomes a VT BackRoadRunner
Loving the 80ST
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