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Originally Posted by 750Volts! View Post
That little river can get interesting that runs through there.

Also, I was looking at the map. There is a pipeline road that intersects with Sasco before the mine. I was thinking...
After Loren goes mining maybe we could take that pipeline road north and connect up to Sunland Gin road. It could be a really cool ride?
Just a heads up... A few of us were down there in Oct with no recent rains and that "little river" (Santa Cruz) crossing was about 24" deep, and there were loose rocks in the center that you couldn't see. I made it through but got both boots full!

After seeing me flounder around in there, the rest of the group opted out, so we went south and circled the air park (museum?) and came in from the other side, via silver bell rd, which was fine. The road continuing on toward Silver Bell mine was closed at that time (W of Sasco at the intersection of sasco and silver bell rd).

Also, we planned to go out via that road that comes from behind Picacho peak (starts out as sunland gin I think) but it had a deep quagmire that forced us to go back around the long way we had come from which made gas supply interesting.

Things may have changed again since then, but with all this rain...have fun and let us know what you find!
cheers, steve
Steve in AZ...
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