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Originally Posted by cat View Post
And a kitty too! :-)

hello kitty!
That's Crookshanks- he is a super hard worker! I'll be sure to include more pics of him as he is a big help on the project.

Originally Posted by UtahFox View Post
Hey Lisa. I just read through your Wrr build post (I hope to be doing same in a few weeks). Questions about the Happy Trails stuff, are you going to move the same boxes over to your XT? Overall, what do you like/dislike about them? They look so big and unwieldy on the Wrr, but I can't really find a better solution out there for hard cases.

They are big and unwieldy. Great for street riding- they do hold a lot of stuff, including my laptop for work. They are not going to go on the XT. I like the wr a lot, but it is heavy and tall (even after the 5" lowering) for me off road (I am only 5'2") and of course the bags and rack add even more weight. The wr is about 40 pounds heavier than the xt, and I am aiming the modifications on the xt to getting the weight lower on it if possible. The one time I went off road with them, ended up going down in some very slick muddy ruts- the bag that got landed on detached and got bent up- was able to get it straightened out and back on by having a Canadian jump up and down on it.Needless to say I have gone with soft bags since when I am off road with it- but the rack itself is still scary if you think about catching a leg under it.. I am actually keeping the wr- will use it for commute back and forth to work and dirt road rides. The xt is going to be mainly for off pavement riding and I am going to keep things pretty minimalistic as far as luggage.

Originally Posted by kubiak View Post
nice build !
Thanks Kubiak!
- its the KTM is running happy dance
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